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Free Graphics

The following graphics (some of which appear elsewhere on the website) may be freely distributed:

No Censorship! This has somewhat lost its savor, but may have a use nonetheless.

Bullet Use this as a companion bullet to the graphic above, or as a blue null.

Humans Only! Keep xeno balloon heads away from your site with this handy graphic.

Self Refer RING! If you copy this one, please stay true to the spirit of the joke and make it link back to itself (or the page it appears on). Don't use it to link to this site!

Men At Crap! Men At Crap.  Use this for a web page that you are not working on too diligently.

* A sporadic sparkle.  Use against a starry background for a twinkly star effect.  If you're not seeing it, your browser doesn't support GIF animations.  Sorry.

The idea for this image was taken from Clifford Pickover's website. A graphic virus is utterly harmless, but it has the strange power to replicate itself if it looks cool enough to convince someone to place a copy of it on their own webpage. I think that mine looks cooler than Cliff's, but we shall see which is more successful in the long run... If you grab this image, please email me at and let me know so I can track where it's going.