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Silence of the Lambs

Alternate Cast Lists.

It is fairly common for movie goers to match particular actors to "dream roles;" that is, parts to which they would be particularly suited. The concept that my friends and I have of "particularly suited" is not shared by most people; still, in the variations on a theme that follow below, see if you don't catch yourself nodding your head here and there...
Special thanks to Darren Shalich as idea-originator and co-conspirator.

"Straight" or Real World Casting

Hannibal Lecter: Bob Newhart
Clarice Starling: Flo from the TV series "Alice"
Jack Crawford: Andy Griffith
Dr. Chilton: Jay Leno
Roden and Pilcher (the two weird insect specialists): Penn and Teller
Barney (the orderly): Redd Foxx (damn shame he's dead)
Pembry (the deputy who gets his face bitten off): Don Knotts
Jame Gumb (Buffalo Bill): Emo Phillips
Catherine Martin (before the pit): Roseanne Barr
                              (after the pit): Winona Ryder
Miggs (the one who threw semen at Clarice): Larry from the TV series "Newhart"
The mortician: Burgess Meredith

The Warner Toons (Classic)

Hannibal Lecter: Elmer Fudd (See Hannibuh Wecteh here!)
Clarice Starling: Grizella (the cat pursued)
Jack Crawford: Foghorn Leghorn
Dr. Chilton: Pepe La Pew
Roden and Pilcher: Sylvester and Tweety
Barney: Porky Pig
Pembry: Yosemite Sam
Jame Gumb: Daffy Duck
Catherine Martin: Red Riding Hood (or Bugs in drag)
Senator Martin: Granny
Miggs: Tazmanian Devil


Hannibal Lecter: John Cleese as Mr. Praline
Clarice Starling: Carol Cleveland as Herself (as usual)
Jack Crawford: John Cleese as Inspector Tiger
Dr. Chilton: Eric Idle as The Dirty Vicar
Roden and Pilcher: Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam
Barney: Michael Palin as T.B. Gumby
Pembry: John Cleese as T.P. Gumby
Buffalo Bill: Eric Idle as Mr. Nudge
Catherine Martin: Terry Jones as Pepperpot
Senator Martin: Michael Palin as Queen Victoria
Miggs: Michael Palin as Mr. Shabby
Krendler (guy who took Lecter from Crawford): Graham Chapman as The Colonel

More to come...